Winter, Zac


life is a burning thing.
on days when I feel
like a house on fire,
I remember how unheavy
the world was when I was 4;

how I thought the leaves had
so many secrets, that must be why they
blush red and gold and orange in autumn.

how magic was as simple as sitting
on a river bank learning about fossils,
eating peanut butter sandwiches.

how I thought sunlight
lasted forever and night only existed
when I closed my eyes,

until someone told me
how photosynthesis works,

until someone told me
history isn’t magic
and eating sandwiches
for every meal isn’t practical,

until someone told me
there are parts of the world
where the sun doesn’t rise
for months and
darkness is all some people know.

I thought everything was a miracle
until the world convinced me
none of this is more than
smoke and
and pain that
looks pretty as it glows.

on days when you feel
like a house on fire,
remember how much you
enjoyed the warmth of the flames
before someone told you
you’re burning.



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  1. sanja
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    Tako mi nedostaješ u životu. :( <3


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